Mirza Tatar


As company CEO and programmer, my primary job is to take care of official business, day to day running of the company, delegating tasks, handling discussions and quelling animosities. My secondary job is programming when possible although not often. In my free time I’m interested in exercising, reading books and playing video games.
Favorite Games: Mass Effect 1, half-life.

Niclas Andersen


As co-owner and programmer I mainly focus on specialized programming areas such as networking, besides that I have a wide knowledge on tech and support.
When I’m not working I like to do a lot of gaming, running a small gaming community and maintaining server functionalities.
My Favorite Games: The Guild 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Recettear: An Items Shop's Tale

Martin Klevin

Lead Programmer

Martin is a programmer. He usually has a good insight of the code and often has a solution to create content or resolve issues.
In his free time, Martin plays a variety of creative and competitive games. He is physically active with swimming multiple times a week, although it is mostly just an excuse to relax the body and mind in the sauna.
Favorite game: Dungeon Keeper

Michael Ranegaard


Michael's tasks as co-owner is taking decisions with the rest of the team, and financial enquiries. Even though Michael also works with business enquiries, most of the time Michael works as a programmer and game designer, where he comes up with new ideas and executing them as game code.
In his free time, Michael likes exercising and playing a broad variety of video games.

Jonas Pedersen

Marketing & Community

As co-owner, marketing manager and community manager my tasks include shaping the future of the company. Furthermore, I work on being updated on the games market in relation to our projects and on posting updates on social media.
I grew up in a small town called Ørsted not a long way from Grenaa, but only moved there in 2014 where I met the co-owners of Nerve Damage Games.


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