In Service of Country – Devlog #2

December 8th, 2017

Guns and deathmatch

In the last post I mentioned implementing gunplay game mode. We decided to rename gunplay to Deathmatch.

In the past weeks we have generally worked a lot on the deathmatch mode. We implemented a gfx gun pack from this unity asset Modern Weapons Pack by FNProduction, to help our non-artistic programmers needs.

Besides implementing the gfx, we made a simple system to give the guns the most basic behaviour, such as:

  • Ammo capacity
  • Spread value
  • Fire rate
  • Projectile speed
  • In relation to implementing guns, we made a simple aim. When holding a gun, navigate using the right analog stick to aim the weapon.

    Since we now have two game modes and two different ways of playing them, point or time, we need to make a selection menu of sorts. We looked at inspiration from super smash brothers and our programmer came up with this, which you might have seen if you follow us on facebook or twitter.
    Use the left stick [on controller] to navigate and the "A" button to toggle any of the settings.
    If both capture the flag and deathmatch is on you will play combined or as we call it normal mode.
    In this mode you won't get points for shooting, but only delivering the intel. However if you have the flag, and get shot you will lose it.

    Other News

    We are working on making a demo build including one level, a couple of guns and the three game modes. We are expecting it to be ready Friday December 15th - a week from now. Hope you guys are gonna give it a try and tell us what you think.
    More info will follow when the demo is live.

    Since the next devlog would be December 22th, I cannot promise it will be up on that date since we are with family in the Christmas. I'm guessing it will be uploaded on like Monday 18th or Wednesday 20th.

    Devlog on Tigsource:
    Devlog on Gamejolt:


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