Demo build available

December 15th, 2017

Hi everyone,

Great news. We spend the last week making our game ready for a demo, because we would really love your feedback. If you read the devlog (of cause you have), you might know a little about the game already. If you haven’t, fear not, you can read it on the website, on Tigsource or on Gamejolt.

Just to recap, this is a 2d platformer, action multiplayer game, where you compete against friends or family.
For now you will have to play locally or against our AI in capture the flag and while you can play with keyboard, we strongly recommend that you play it with controllers. The online feature unfortunately is not ready for this demo, but will be included at a later date.

The demo includes one map and three game modes, (1) capture the flag, (2) deathmatch and (3) combined. There will be several guns available, with an option to select which of these guns you want.
We added an experimental Linux build, which you are free to use but don’t expect anything. However it worked fine on a virtual machine operating Linux.

Try beating the AI 😅


We updated the demo, due to some bug and stuff we wanted to changed. The following links, has been updated. Read the patch notes to check out all the changes.

Download Windows build

Download Linux build


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