Nerve Damage Games is an indie games company founded by five students in the summer of 2016 as part of their entrepreneur internship. The students behind Nerve Damage Games wanted to make their own games based on their own ideas and have the freedom to plan their own work schedule.

In February 2017, all five students graduated with an AP degree in Computer Science and the company became an official part of the GameHub Denmark Incubator based out of Grenaa. One of the benefits of being part of the incubator is to participate in a part time education focused on running and maintaining a games company.

As of October 2017, they are working on a competitive 2D platform couch game with an agent theme. This will amongst other things include a Capture the Flag and a gun play game mode. We are hoping on a release in October 2018, but we have not committed to a deadline as of yet. In the very soon future we will update the information on the “Games” site, showing graphics and telling a bit more about this game.

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