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  • Devlog #7 – Level concepts

    March 28th, 2018

    Level concepts

    One of the things we worked on in this month was designing new awesome level concepts. We had our designer come up with a number of different concepts and from there we boiled it down to the four best. Right now we are working on implementing and play-testing these four level concepts.

    Our designer took inspiration from existing levels where one level is very much symmetric and others have more diversity. This is visible in the form that level 4 is very symmetric where level 8 is absolutely not. Level 3 was designed based on the thought that the tower in the middle could provide some intense firefight and chases for the intel or extraction points. Another level was designed based upon the idea to take away some of the freedom from the player and limit what the player can do.

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    Devlog #6 – Redesigning character selection

    February 23rd, 2018

    User Testing

    A couple of weeks ago we had some users, test our game. The goal of this test was to see the reaction of users who had never played the game before. For the best results, we only provided the most essential information.

    A majority of the testers said, to some extend, the same thing. “The gameplay is totally awesome and fun. But the menu navigation is totally not.”

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    In Service of Country – Devlog #5

    February 2nd, 2018

    Game intro

    One of the things we focused on this sprint, was giving players a better understanding of the game rules.
    We did this by implementing a static info image telling players how to play the chosen game mode.

    Fig. 1 – Intro text for capture the flag.

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    In Service of Country – Devlog #4

    January 19th, 2018

    User interface

    If you follow our social media, namely twitter, you might have seen the two teasers of our brand new UI, earlier this week.
    This new overhaul is due to the fact that we just got two game focused multimedia designers for a three month internship.
    Among other things, they have been tasked with overhauling the entire UI, HUD, drawing game logos and redesigning the company logo.
    Anyway back on topic, showing you the new UI :-).

    Fig. 1 – Navigating the Main Menu

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    In Service of Country – Devlog #3

    December 20th, 2017

    Hi everyone,
    Last week we uploaded a demo in hopes someone would play it and give some feedback. If you haven’t done it yet, we would very much like if you try it out and fill out the feedback survey. If you tried the first demo, and hadn’t noticed, we uploaded a new version of the demo yesterday. It includes some changes and some fixes, all of which you can read in the patchnotes.txt file included in the .zip and .tar.gzip folders.
    EDIT: We decided to embed the download from and Gamejolt, instead of having the files on our website.

    Demo build available

    December 15th, 2017

    Hi everyone,

    Great news. We spend the last week making our game ready for a demo, because we would really love your feedback. If you read the devlog (of cause you have), you might know a little about the game already. If you haven’t, fear not, you can read it on the website, on Tigsource or on Gamejolt.

    Just to recap, this is a 2d platformer, action multiplayer game, where you compete against friends or family.
    For now you will have to play locally or against our AI in capture the flag and while you can play with keyboard, we strongly recommend that you play it with controllers. The online feature unfortunately is not ready for this demo, but will be included at a later date.

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    In Service of Country – Devlog #2

    December 8th, 2017

    Guns and deathmatch

    In the last post I mentioned implementing gunplay game mode. We decided to rename gunplay to Deathmatch.
    In the past weeks we have generally worked a lot on the deathmatch mode. We implemented a gfx gun pack from this unity asset Modern Weapons Pack by FNProduction, to help our non-artistic programmers needs.

    In Service of Country – Devlog #1

    November 23rd, 2017

    The Game

    In Service of Country is a 2D action platformer primarily focused on local multiplayer, though we want to add online multiplayer as well. We have planned three game modes for the game.

  • Capture the flag
  • Gunplay
  • Capture the flag with GunPlay

  • All three modes will have different game types for example a game type could be last-man standing, first to ten or time attack.

    In capture the flag 2-4 players fight for the briefcase [the flag], when a player collect the briefcase, they need to deliver it at one of the extraction points.


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