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Nerve Damage Games

Nerve Damage Games is a company formed by five students in late summer of 2016 as part of a entrepreneur internship program. We founded the company because we wanted to tackle our own ideas and have the freedom to plan our own work schedule. We at Nerve Damage Games strive to make new and innovative ideas and create games that are both innovative and fun.

Nerve Damage games is part of the GameHub Denmark Incubator and like them bases out of Grenaa Denmark. As of february of 2017 we enter into an exciting two year partnership to strengthen our competencies and hopefully at the end of it stand on our own.


Crusade Runner

Crusade Runner is a 2d side scrolling endless runner game for android. Imagine Robot Unicorn Attack mixed with the wooden labyrinth puzzle game set in a middle aged painted with a hand painted stylized graphics.

Crusade Runner is not a typical runner, as in this game you have to control the world by dragging it around rather than controlling the character, to get the character through the different paintings by avoiding enemies, collecting coins and the epic power-ups on your way.

Besides the unique angle on runner games, it is a challenging game where you compete against your friends and the rest of the world to dominate the leaderboard and unlock the most awesome skins. To get the highest possible score, you will need to navigate from platform to platform, collect coins, power-ups and use the character that suits your playstyle the best.

Meet the Team

The Nerve Damage Games team consists of five programmers Mirza, Niclas, Martin, Michael and Jonas all with an AP in computer science. The team graduated in january of 2017 and right after started in the incubator program associated with Game Hub Denmark.

Picture of Mirza


CEO and programmer

Company CEO and programmer, Mirza' job is to handle official business. Mirza' secondary job as CEO is to take care of day to day running of the company, delegating tasks, handling discussions and quelling animosities.

In his free time Mirza is interested in exercising, reading books and playing video games

Favorite Games: Mass Effect 1, half-life & beyound good & evil.

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Picture of Niclas


CEO Sub and programmer

Company owner, Community Manager and substitute CEO, Niclas' job is to take care of official business if Mirza is indisposed.

He works as a programmer mainly focussed at specialized or new technology tasks, while also being the main communication with the community as the Community Manager, he is supporting Mirza on business tasks.

In his free time he is interested in gaming, running a small gaming community and maintaining server functionalities.

Favorite Games: The Guild 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Recettear: An Items Shop's Tale.

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Picture of Martin


Lead Programmer

Company owner and programmer Martin is responsible for the underlying architecture, mentoring and supervising the programmers, ensuring optimization and code standard is followed correctly. Martin usually has a good insight of the code and often has a solution to create content or resolve issues.

In his free time, Martin players a variety of creative and competitive games. Martin is physically active with swimming multiple times a week, although it is mostly just an excuse to relax the body and mind in the sauna.

Favorite Games: Dungeon Keeper and Dark Souls.

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Picture of Michael



Michael's tasks as co-owner is taking decissions with the rest of the team, and financial enquiries. Even though Michael also works with business enquiries, most of the time Michael works as a programmer and game designer, where he comes up with new idéas and executing them as game code.

In his free time, Michael likes exercising and playing a broad variety of video games.

Favorite Games: Assassin’s Creed II and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Picture of Jonas



As company owner and programmer Jonas' tasks include parciticipating in discussions along side the company's fellow co-owners, and in that way help shape the future of the company. As Programmer, Jonas' task is to participate in development of Nerve Damage Games productions.

In his free time Jonas likes relaxing, gaming and not thinking about work :-).

Favorite Games: Grand Theft Auto V & Metal Gear Solid V: The phantom Pain.

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